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Ways to Reactivate Customers Who Do Not Buy from You Anymore

It is sad to know that some of the customers whom you already enticed to buy your products decided to stop buying from you. It could be due to their decision to jump to other options. It could also be because you dropped the quality of the products you are selling.

You need to identify what went wrong and why they decided to look for other choices. Studying these inactive customers will allow you to determine how to launch a new marketing campaign that will bring them back into the fold. These are some tips to help you convince them that it is time to come back to your products which they once patronised.

Give a sweet deal

If these customers used to buy your products, it means that they loved what you were selling. Perhaps, they decided to look for other options because of practical reasons. If you give them a sweet deal through promotions and discounts, you might entice them to come back. People are picky when determining the quality of the products they buy, but they are also practical. Apart from discounts, you can also offer free shipping or membership privileges.

Hand out freebies

You might think that people are too shallow to accept freebies and decide to return to the fold. The truth is that this small gesture might be enough for them. They want to stop taking cash out of their pocket and receive something for free. As such, it is wise for you to consider Birmingham t shirt printing services and give the shirts away for free to such inactive customers. If not shirts, you can have mugs, pens, umbrellas and other promotional products. The point is that you want your target audience to feel that it is not always about making money for you.

Send them an email

Perhaps, you need to send a personal message to these people if they feel out of touch with you. A simple email or a direct message on social media could help attract them again. You want them to think that you still care about them and you want them back. You have to discuss something new in the message instead of merely asking them to buy your products again.

Come up with online gimmicks

You need to create noise online if you want to attract people. Let everyone know that you have an online competition and there is a prize that you are giving away. It is easy to make noise via social media these days since people can immediately share the information with their friends. As long as you have something interesting for them to participate in, you can grab their attention. It could be a photography contest or a logo design competition. You will make people curious, including those who used to buy your products.

It is not easy asking people to come back to you especially if they have found alternatives. It is still possible though with the right message and marketing campaign.

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