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Want To Bring Back Your Libido? Testosterone Might Help You

Is testosterone a male hormone?

Testosterone is the hormone produced in both males and females. However, the production is much lower in women than men because this hormone is responsible for the secondary male sex characteristics. It is responsible for the growth of body and facial hair like beard, pubic hair, chest hair, armpit hairs. It is also responsible for the change of voice after puberty and deepening of the voice, sex drive, sperm count and many other reproductive characteristics and healthy sexual well being. It is very dominant in the male gender even when the hormone is produced in both the sex but still known as the male hormone because of these reasons.

 The testosterone level also depends upon the age of the person. It starts to surge and hike with the onset of puberty and then starts to decline around 30. Whenever you go for a testosterone test, always keep in mind that it has to be linked with your age and underlying health condition.

Do you have a low testosterone level?

Low testosterone level can be very depressing and interferes with a male’s sex life, leads to less evident male characteristics, lower energy and less muscle strength, and extreme moodiness and irritation.

If the testosterone level comes out to below, there is no need to worry. You can visit  and look for several supplements or, say, testosterone booster to help you overcome this problem. These boosters provide an easy measure to increase your testosterone count without harming other body functions or hormones. This can help you regain your lost confidence by boosting your male characteristics and taking care of the lost libido.

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