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Trying To Design A Smart Product Box? Don’t Miss These Ideas!

Designing a perfect product box is not always easy. Besides containing the product, packaging works as a billboard for the brand. It offers basic protection for the item inside, but is also critical for promoting all the information that customers expect. In short, a box is more than just a box. If you have been trying to design a smart product box, we have a few tips that may come in handy.

Partner with a manufacturer

Companies that are into box manufacturing do much more than packaging. Yes, their primary role is to make boxes as per order, but many manufacturers actually collaborate with clients and brands and are involved extensively in the process of designing. Finding a good manufacturer is like having an extended arm for packaging, because the company probably makes boxes for hundreds of products, and they clearly have a better understanding of the market. In short, you can get practical ideas from them.

Go quirky

Smart doesn’t mean boring. You have to add some humor to the packaging to make it more appealing to the customers. No matter selected sales channels, customers do pick products all the time because they liked the outer packaging. If you think your product box has been bearing the same look and feel for years now, it’s time to come up with limited edition boxes, which may invigorate product interest again in customers.

Make it usable

Packaging waste is a real concern, and while compliance matters are getting bigger by the day, brands also have a responsibility towards the environment and planet. To be more precise, you cannot go reckless with packaging, and one of the best ideas is to make reusable boxes. Reusable boxes work like second product for the consumers and won’t be discarded immediately, so landfill waste can be reduced to some extent.

Brand it right

You don’t want a product box that screams like an advertising package. However, branding the box is important, and you want to it subtly without too many elements. One of the better ideas is to check for boxes that competitors are using, or you can check case studies for a few hints. Make sure that the box represents the value that your brand stands for.

Even some of the best brands don’t get the product packaging right in the first go, so it can take a while to think of the ideal solution.

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