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The major online gambling games played

Due to their simplicity and ease of use, slot machines have been one of the most popular forms of gambling since they were invented. Although you can find all possible variations on these games nowadays, there are still a few rules that apply to them all: make sure that the game you choose has the highest payout percentage (it should be between 95% and 98%).

You should also note which areas show better results than others simply by playing more spins in those spaces – this will help you win even if some slot machine does not pay out very frequently. Finally, remember that it is best to bet small amounts of money on many games simultaneously, rather than wager larger sums in just one or two slot machines.


This classic card game can now be played from any PC without ever leaving your home! At online casinos, for real money, you should remember that blackjack always pays 3:2, meaning that the house advantage is only 1%.

In addition, when playing with a single deck of regular cards (sixteen cards per player), there are three decks to be used by the house (eighteen cards). Of course, you can play other variations as well, such as Pontoon and Double Exposure Blackjack.


Craps is extremely popular among gamblers because they offer several betting options and a very large house advantage (1.41 percent) that increases when the game is played in multi-roll mode. In addition, craps can be played with one or more players, and there are as many as seven different bets you can make at every roll of the dice!


This very old casino favourite (the first written record dates back to 18th century France) is still enormously popular nowadays. Roulette tables may come in various formats, but the most commonly found ones fall into two categories: American and European roulettes. In both systems, your chances of winning are statistically identical (one-third). However, European roulette gives you better odds on your money due to having more numbers than its American counterpart.

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