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The benefits of letting UK students develop on a range of overseas tours

Schools continually look at new ways to achieve the best results for their students, be it by employing the best teachers, looking to improve facilities, or grasping technology to keep up with the pace of the modern world.

Some pupils learn best in the environment of a classroom, while others take to vocational studies. However, a fantastic way that is guaranteed to receive full attention and educate while having fun away from school is to arrange one of the student tours UK pupils simply love going on.

In many cases, learning becomes easier and is remembered when the recipient is having fun rather than sitting down at a desk when it is easy to lose concentration. That is never the case when being taught something in an interesting location about something that grabs the attention. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a curriculum subject, as the tours cover much more than that.

Learning life skills and advancing personal development is just as important following formal education. The tours are put in place by a company that has been in operation for over 30 years and understands the needs of schools and their students and knows how to put together itineraries that produce the best results. The tours lasting between 7 and 27 nights cover a range of activities that provide something for everyone and are supervised by experienced company employees who ensure that they are safe and enjoyable.

There might be some budding leaders and future career managers at the school that would benefit from a leadership expedition. These fantastic trips to a wide range of destinations that offers all manner of climates and terrain provide great tests and provide the chance to learn how to deal with situations as they occur. Tasks such as having to budget for food and go shopping so that the party are all fed provide good challenges. Time is allowed for decision making, which is often instigated while out trekking and testing physical and mental skills which will create a lasting lesson.

Those who prefer to immerse themselves in culture will appreciate tours designed to foster global citizenship, especially when on a tour arranged by a company that has recently become the world’s first in climate positive school travel. These tours allow students to open their minds and understand different cultures while sharing their own knowledge, which encourages leadership as well as becoming involved in community initiatives.

Maybe the school has some individuals who love their own independence once a tour is arranged and thrive when meeting others for the first time to share experiences. Training and support are provided before travel, to an exciting destination for the lucky few that are chosen for the limited spaces. Community, sustainability, culture, physical and mental development will all come into play on this exciting journey.

Travelling and learning about themselves as well as the locals and the communities visited are invaluable life skills that will be enhanced on an overseas student tour departing from the UK.

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