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Importance Of Content Quality In SEO

All business are seeing SEO as a way to improve their online visibility and gain more business through it. With a lot of agencies providing the service, the world of SEO has become vast. However, there is one crucial thing everybody misses out in a rush to climb up the search rank ladder, and this is the quality of content used in the websites. The trend is no different in some reputed providers of SEO services SingaporeBut, in reality, the quality of content is becoming more and more critical in recent times.

Better user experience

What many users considered over the first rank in search engine results is excellent user experience. So if you tend to give up on quality, what you will be losing is the user experience of your website. When your website is not engaging, you tend to lose the majority of users who access it. So the quality of content is a crucial thing to convert visitors into strong business leads.

Click-through rate

It is a known truth that the keyword stuffing is an out-dated way to rank websites. With the change of keyword centric algorithm, Google uses something called CTR or click-through rate to rank website. This shows the number of users visiting a particular page. User engagement is vital to gain a good CTR and this need you to have a good quality engaging content in the first place.

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