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How do you launder your 꽁머니through gambling?

The first step to 꽁머니 laundering is usually to create a phony “new” source of funds. This is done by creating an illegal transaction and collecting cash for it (e.g., selling drugs) or simply depositing stolen goods in a bank account without reporting them on any paperwork.

The next step would involve taking those funds you’ve made from your criminal activity and turning them into untraceable legal currency, which could either be sold off in large quantities via legitimate markets like eBay; or run up charges with one company until the debt becomes too high and they go bankrupt/out of business; or deposited back in a person’s bank account after being given away anonymously during payroll hours.

But casinos use a particular method to prevent this. They use a player’s “marker,” which is like the deposit slip you hand over when getting chips at a casino table. The difference, however, is that instead of disappearing into the dealer’s pocket or being used as currency in the game itself (e.g., scotch for blackjack), it goes straight back to your bank account automatically without having any cash touched.”

“This prevents 꽁머니laundering because if an online gambler ever tries taking their marker and trying to turn it into legal funds by depositing those chips back with their bank, they’re going to be met with several red flags from law enforcement agencies about where they got all these extra chips from – so nobody gets the opportunity to launder 꽁머니through online gambling.”

“In a nutshell, yes; many people believe that online gambling is the new form of 꽁머니laundering. However, in reality, it’s not because law enforcement agencies are too savvy about what they’re looking for and have taken measures into their own hands to prevent illegal activity.”

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