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A Guide to Know About the Working of a Quality Control Technician

The quality control technicians test the material before and after the production. It is done to measure the different characteristics of the material. Products need to meet certain specifications. They inspect and test the raw materials to ensure that these meet the required level of quality.

The quality control inspector ensures that all the products which are made are of high quality. These quality products need to be made safely and cost-effectively. The Riviere Du Loup emploi Breton provides jobs in different fields depending on your qualification and skills.

This field is becoming popular so there are ample job opportunities for quality control technicians.


Depends on the industry in which you apply at entry-level. The employees mostly prefer those candidates who are holding a degree. However, some employers take the applicants having appropriate qualifications like GCSEs, A level. If you prefer to work as an apprentice.

The Career Path is as follows:

  • Trainee Quality Control Technician (Salary up to £12,000)
  • Quality Control Technician (£24,000)
  • Senior Quality Control Technician (up to £30,000)

The Duties of a Quality Control Technician

There are different duties for this post which needs to be performed efficiently to achieve good quality standards.

  • To Ensure That All the Products Are in Compliance with Quality Specification of a Company.
  • Collecting and Recording Data
  • To Analyze the New Trends and Incorporate in the Work.
  • Auditing, Identifying and Solving problems.
  • Handling Customer Complaints.

Important Qualities

The quality control technicians need to have good analytical ability. It helps in analyzing a particular situation. The communication skills play a major role in managing the day to day tasks. Good interpersonal skills are necessary to build good relations within the team.

Critical thinking skills promote correct problem-solving. They need to have good observation ability so that they can identify problems and correct such issues.

They need to follow accurate work ethics to do this job. As the work involves efficiency, it is highly essential that they should possess the quality of looking into the details. The work consists of identifying the faults and to improve the same. The job demands perfection in every aspect.


As the job includes performing various tasks, so the role of a quality control inspector is multifaceted. The job has perfect combination of creativity and the technical expertise to handle various tasks in an industrial sector.

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