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A Beginner’s Guide to the Basics of SEM

The full form of SEM is search engine marketing. It is a very specific type of marketing carried out on search engines in the form of paid search. Google Ads is the most commonly used tool when it comes to paid search. SEM tends to elevate the power of search engines like Google to reach the leads at a perfect time and place.

SEM is also known by the terms like:

  1. Paid search ads
  2. Paid Advertising
  3. PPC or Pay per click

These are the following terms used by digital marketing agencies when implementing SEM:

  1. Impressions: this indicates the number of times your ad was visible on a screen, but it doesn’t indicate if the user actually saw it.
  2. CPC or cost per click: this indicates the amount you will pay when someone clicks on your ad.
  3. CPM or cost per million impressions: another way to pay for an ad. On the basis of your goals and how the ad tool is installed, you may want to pay just for the purpose of being seen.
  4. CTR or click through rate: the number of clicks you obtained by redirecting the people to your website who saw the ad but they did not click on the actual ad in the first place. They manually searched you on the search engine.

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